Wandering Leopard: Project Leopard recovery

After coordinating with Marco and Jon, we set it at December 22nd, Sunday. Marco said the SR20 store would be open at 9am. Jon said he will tow the car down for gas money. I would eventually fly down instead of drive there. 

I would let Edrik, Roger V, Ozzy, Dominic, Randy and my cousin know I would be there for a few hours. 

Once I got to LAX, I text everyone I landed and will be there after I get my rental. Once I arrived, Edrik and Jon were there. 

I introduce myself to Jon and then to Marco. Everyone is conversing…  it was a good vibe. Marco couldn’t believe the car is in its current condition, but said he is glad to have it back at the shop. Jon gives us the back story of the car while we look it over. I’ll write a break down of the car in the next post.

Roger V arrives and then Ozzy. There are 3 M30s at the SR20 Store. When Marco and I talked a couple weeks ago, he said he hasn’t seen an M30 in 5 years. 

This moment was dynamic on a few levels. This car was built by Marco and at the SR20 Store.  Jon’s ownership after Koji and again after Cameron, leading him to save the car. Then passing it on to me, whom always loved this car and refer to it as one of the most famous M30s documented and featured. My intensions are the same as Jon, save it and rebuild it to a clean car. This is also how Marco likes his cars. 

Also looking at all the people that came together. Roger V (I’ve known for 13yrs online, met last year), Edrik (met in 2006 and again in 2018), Ozzy (met a few months ago), Jon (talked on the phone a few months ago) and Marco (talked to a couple weeks ago), were all in here with me. See, I have individual relationships with each person, but none of them have met (maybe on IG). To be in this place, the birth place of Project Car Magazine M30, to see this car begin the journey to revival was amazing. The gathering led to connecting my brothers and so anytime I go to Southern California, it might be easier to have a group get together. 

It was soon down to business. I paid Jon and started to talk to Marco about the what would be the next steps. We moved the block off the truck.

Conclusion, it was awesome to get together with good people, see the SR20 Store and get Project Leopard M30 to a place where it can be rebuilt properly, recover and revive. 

Thank you guys. 

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