Exterior of Project Leopard

The intentions of Project Leopard’s exterior is to emulate a Nismo Leopard. Nismo Leopards were a very limited run and with that, no many people in Japan have seen a Nismo version.

I was piecing together the Zenki front end for my blue M30. Then Project Leopard was offered to me, knowing the car will need to be repainted and everything rebuilt. That is when I thought bout it and decided to get the Zenki front end on Project Leopard, but since I also have a high performance engine being built (RB25det with Nismo parts), it only made sense to make a homage to the Nismo Leopard with the graphics.

Itabashi-san gave me a zenki front lip. I still have Piko racing side skirts and villanelle rear pieces… so I figure I’d dress up Project Leopard with those parts.

Recently it was painted (it’s taken a long time) and again, I wanted to emulate a Nismo Leopard. The car was originally solid white, but I wanted to repaint the white and have the two tone look Zenki leopards had.

I want to go with a sporty look and old school racing style. Since this is a blend of 80s car tribute, 90s JDM Nissan and 2000s era flare, I wanted to get some type of old school wheel that would look good. I went with Enkei RP01 in 16″.