Exterior of Private Coupe Diplomat

Building a VIP car from the mid 90s I feel takes a special look. An era before the super slammed, cambered wheels and custom widebodies.

I love the simple look of how the early to mid 90s VIP cars were. To me, they were majestic in that sense. This is my base for how I want to car to be.

When it comes to aero kits, there is only one company that made a VIP body kit for the F31 Leopard, that company was Insurance Group. They disbanded a long time ago with no molds or stock. Whatever is out there, is out there.

I was fortunate to secure a FULL Diana kit (long story). This kit was what I wanted since 2005, but if I was ever to build a VIP car, true to form, I want to use the Diana kit (if not, I would have chopped up a kit for the M30).

The Diana kit consists of these parts:

  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper
  • Side steps
  • Door panels
  • 3 piece wing
  • Fog lights (key component)

I also decided to go with 18″ chrome wheels and picked up a set of Leasing 4s. These are old school VIP wheels. I am currently gathering up suspension pieces.

Other exterior parts are mostly lights. I have JDM headlights (yellow city/fog light) and JDM Zenki tail lights (louver look). If I can, I would like to make my own tail lights with LEDs and hope to make a clear lens of the M30 tail lights.

I also have some fender marker lights from a Toyota Chaser and Mark II, which I like to add as well.

This is it for now. Once Project Leopard is done, I can focus on Diplomat.