Krazy Leopard - Kaido racer style

I’ve always loved Kaido Racers and when I see F31 leopards used as platform, it’s always pretty exciting. 

I saw Noguchi-san (Nagasaki) build a pink Kaido Racer f31 leopard and then make a Stage 2 change. He redid the body work, made it more extreme and cut the top off for a parade car. 

Then the car was sitting in a field rotting away. I asked him if I could see it. In 2019, I was able to see the car and was super in love. 

I asked what the next step was and he said, “they will crush it”. Out of desperation, I asked, “could I have the parts” and he said it was okay (of course the current owner has to be okay with parting the car). 

Nonetheless, I’ve figured if I don’t get the parts, I will need to start on finding resources. 

The cool thing is that I know a lot of Kaido Racers and the support for a build is there. Once I get Project Leopard and Diplomat done, I will start on ideas.

While I will try my best to secure the Red Leopard parts, I am always a plan B type of guy and started to look at my resources. 

I know the kit that Noguchi-san used. Obviously the custom hood, fender, long chin would be nice to have, but I would attempt to follow his idea. Fenders, I would reach out to Mizuno Works to get. Spoiler, while I REALLY WANT THAT SHRIMP TAIL, if I can’t get it, then I will stick to the Seven Plane that Midnight Runners are making. 

After that, focus on suspension and interior tuning.