About Project Leopard Revival

Project Leopard was ONE of the iconic F31s (Leopard and M30s) from the American perspective. Project Car Magazine’s documented build up helped inspire what could be possible with the M30 platform.

    In 2009, Project Car magazine, Koji M. and the SR20 Store built a normal Infiniti M30 into an RB25det powered monster. At the time, this M30 was dubbed, “Project Leopard”. With a limited budget and 6 weeks, they had so much content, it continued onto the next issue. The magazine was packed with step by step process of swapping in the RB25det.

    The impact of this issue was enormous as it was another RWD chassis that people could build.

    Project Leopard’s feature introduced many people to the F31 chassis and sparked interest into the platform.

Project Leopard Revival

    In 2019, I was offered Project Leopard. I couldn’t let this car go to waste or into the wrong hands. 

    I had to not only save Project Leopard, but I need to bring it back to it’s former glory and set a standard.  I realize it wasn’t going to be easy, let alone cheap, but I believe in the principles of quality. 

    Project Leopard is the most historic M30 on US soil and I will ensure it’s revival. 

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