Project Leopard originally was S13 suspension swapped with these items:

  • OEM S13 Front Lower control arms
  • BC Racing Coil overs
  • Circuit Sports inner tie rods
  • SPL outer tie rods
  • Circuit Sports S13 Tension rods
  • Aftermarket Tie rod boots
  • Used S13 front spindles
  • Rear coil over adapter plates

Over the years, various owners have swapped out parts. BC Coil overs remain on the car, but extended front lower control arms were added. Voodoo 13 tension rods were changed out, angle kit was also added. Of course with drifting, tweaks and bent stuff happens. The front end has a lot of camber, which of course is good for drifting.

While Cameron (former owner) said I should keep it, he has to realize that I am not a drifter and I want drivability in my cars. So one thing I decided to do was change out the suspension.

  • New OEM front lower control arms
  • Phase2 Motortrend outer tie rods P2-POTRN240-HC
  • ISR inner tie rods
  • Riaction Coil overs
  • Voodoo 13 front tension rods (previous build)
  • S13 coil over rear adapter plates (original build)
  • S13 tie rod boots (new)
  • S13 front spindles (original build)
  • Z31 rear bushings MEVOTECH MK90103

Steering rack has been removed and will be rebuilt. Bushings will also need to be replaced as well.