Private Coupe Diplomat

The F31 Leopard was promoted as “Private Coupe”. In all the sense, it seemed that it was more about Luxury. 

The North American version of the F31 part of the luxury Nissan brand, Infiniti. 

The Infiniti M30 was never attached to the Private Coupe definition. However, it does seem right at home when you think of the M30 as a luxury car in it’s context.

I’ve always loved VIP cars. My 1st exposure was VIP magazines my friend sent me in 1999/2000. I’ve always wanted to build one because their style is very attractive to me. 

I feel if you do build one, you have to truly understand the styling and match the way these cars were originally intended. 

I love the original square style that was the 90s VIP car. 

Dress Up Kings, Osaka 2004

Enter The Diana kit

The Diana kit let us (original F31club members) know that the F31 could truly be a luxury car with that sense of VIP. This was the epitome of body kits for the F31, with it being a true VIP body kit. 

Front/side skirts/ rear bumper. Additionally a 3 piece wing, door panels with side moulding (replaces the factory moulding) and true OG VIP style.. fog lights matched to the bumper. 

Feb 2020, One of my dreams came true. In 2005, Most M30 owners wanted the Diana kit. I traveled to Japan trying to see it on a car. Having not been able to see it, I thought it was impossible to get. 

My friend Noguchi-san (Takamatsu) knew I was looking for the Diana kit and showed me a picture. 

He said the current owner wanted to sell it. Initially, it was difficult as he didn’t want to sell to me. Noguchi-san purchased it and sent it to me.