Thoughts on the RB25det

I will be 100% honest with you. While I almost swapped an RB20det in 2007, I didn’t . I battled with what my intentions were if I did a swap. I never was a hardcore drifter and the only reason that I  helped with swaps (Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Nissans and Toyotas) was out of pure curiosity and to help friends out.

While I do hold the RB swaps in high regards, I never thought of myself of having it done on my current M30 (blue grey). Going to Japan and seeing that many of the owners are purists when it comes to the F31, very few are RB swapped (Ueda-san Zenki being one of them).  I just remembered what Tanaka K. said to me,

VG is the heart of the Leopard

If I wanted to swap, I would go with the VG30DE or DET. I really want my blue M30 to represent F31s with the VG. I never considered any swaps with this car besides a VG swap.

Since Project Leopard is already RB modified, I felt that taking on this project will give me a better understanding of the RB engine. While I like the engine, I never really dug deep into it because I never had to learn it. Having this car forces me to build it the way it was. It forces me to look into the RB and it will force me to build one. I still don’t know what I plan to do with the car, but drifting isn’t a priority. I don’t plan to go all out and need 800hp. I only want a mild tune and keep the car functional for the most part.

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