The Catalyst…

As I started to contemplate what to do with the car, researching the RB25det and looking for parts, Roger V (Hachiboy) and I talked. He said he lives near the SR20 store, which was the main shop that built the Project Leopard. 

Roger V. got me in contact with Roberto (SR20 store owner’s son). He said he had a youtube channel and that is where I contacted Roberto.

We talked more on Instagram. He then gave me his father’s number and gave me some exciting news… his dad wouldn’t mind doing it again. Roberto also wanted to cover the car for his youtube channel.

I was nervous about contacting the SR20 store’s owner, Marco. I didn’t know what to expect. I was also working on the logistics of how to get the car from Tehachapi (between Bakersfield and Lancaster) to Gardena, where the SR20 store was. I let a few people know that the SR20 Store was interested in revisiting the car. Randy (owner of JDMcarboy) also offered me help with parts that he had (I never ask for free or expect it, so I’ll see what is needed). 

I waited until after Thanksgiving (2019) to talk to Marco. When we talked, he mentioned how much he enjoyed that car and we went over the missing stuff and how to approach the engine. He said he has a machine shop that would put it together. 

He addressed the tranmission issue saying he can get one for me (in which he got it the next day!) Also he suggested getting the Greddy Intake manifold because he is dealing with an ebay knockoff that has issues. I told him I want to do it right and also want the car to represent his shop. 

What stands the car out from a ton of swaps is that this was professionally done and they didn’t take short cuts.. this is something I want to follow. 

The Project Leopard now has the resources to get started!!!

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