Project Leopard – RB25det Transmission saga

Piecing the RB25det transmission

When Project Leopard came to the SR20store in Dec 2019, I didn’t have a transmission. Marco said he can get one for me and so I paid for it. He told me it was good and just sitting at a friend’s garage. I trusted him at the time, but what has transpired, I have lost a lot of confidence in him and have to look at everything.

The drive shaft is custom and I was really wanting to updated it with a serviceable U-joint and get the carrier bearing redone by the same shop, but I didn’t have time and besides the bearing, it seems pretty solid.

This transmission sat at the SR20store and I thought I needed a clutch kit for it. So awhile back I got a Nismo set. Clutch disc was burnt, so I got another Nismo one, but it was 250mm, the wrong size.

Nismo set:

  • Clutch Disc Cover
  • Lightweight Flywheel
  • Clutch disc (in which I had to get another one)

Also seeing that the transmission was missing a lot of pieces, I had to figure out what was missing. It was more than I expected, but then again, it does feel more accomplished with newer parts. I was hoping to get the transmission rebuilt, but I just need to get the car together and eventually I will.

I dropped these off at Hung’s place, but then I realized what else I needed. The drive shaft has a bad carrier bearing, so I had to get another one. Hung also noticed we didn’t have the engine to transmission plate. So I had to get one. I also got a full face clutch as well.

That pretty much sums up everything I needed.

  • Transmission is a PUSH RB25DET (bulkier than RB20’s).
  • Nismo Pressure plate – 30210-RS245
  • Nismo lightened Flywheel – 12310-RSR21
  • Z1 clutch (240mm) – Exedy clutch
  • Custom transmission bracket (from the magazine)
  • ARP Pressure Plate bolts kit – 102-2201
  • ARP Fly Wheel bolts kit – 102-2801
  • Pilot bushing  – 32202-B950A
  • RB25det Clutch Slave Cylinder – 30620-21U23
  • Slave cylinder bolts – 08121-02528
  • Clutch fork – 30531-CD000
  • Throw out bearing retainer clip – 30514-CD000
  • Clutch fork retainer spring – 30534-66300
  • Clutch fork dust boot – 30542-12U00
  • Koyo throw out bearing –  30502-21000
  • Clutch release bearing sleeve – 30501-S0284
  • RB25det engine to transmission plate 30411-21U00
  • National HB6 – carrier bearing – 3752141L25
  • EPP bellhousing bolt kit

There area couple other things I really want to do down the line. GKtech transmission shifter springs, put in my short shifter and the big one as previously mentioned, actually get the transmission rebuilt.

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