Project Leopard - Steering rack

When I got Project Leopard, I took note on a lot of things, and it was still not enough.

One thing I did want to replace/rebuild was the steering rack. I know nobody has replaced it and the last 9yrs before I got it, all the drifters were beating on it. It needed to be part of the process.

When the car was in Arizona, Greg said he would paint the R31 crossmember. I told him while it was out, have the steering rack rebuilt. I even made the process easy by calling AZ Rack & Pinion and gave them the heads up. 

Just like many things on the car, it wasn’t done. Ughh.. 

Once Project leopard came back to LA, that was on my to due list. 

Hung took it to a shop and had them rebuilt it. I didn’t get the bushings in time, but it was eventually addressed.

After the car was transferred to my cousin’s place, Ozzy put in the Energy Suspension bushings and the Streetrays steering shaft aluminum bushing. 

There was an idea to replace the lines on the steering rack, but after the rebuild, it looks pretty good. 

I was also going to get a Chase Bays Power Steering set up.. but they were back ordered and I got tired of waiting. At the time, I thought my car would be getting done (boy was I wrong).

Next section is the other half of the steering rack, 


Power Steering Pump Part.1