Project Leopard – Wiring Specialties RB25det Pro Harness

When I got Project Leopard, it was in pieces. But the modified harness was still there and “intact”. 

Marco looked at it and verified it was the original harness he worked on. Cameron told me at one point, someone before him messed with the wiring to have AEM work in the car. 

Originally, I wanted to keep this harness because it was the one modified for the magazine. When Jason was working on it, he said he didn’t want to go through an old harness and deal with shorts or anything since it messed with. I also figured that it is old and could have a kink I didn’t want to try and chase down. So I decided to go with Wiring Specialties Pro Harness. While I do like it, the price was something I had swallow. There were a ton of options, but Jason chose what I had and ordered it.

  • Main Engine and Transmission one-piece tucked harness
  • Alternator charge cable
  • 6x Coilpack connections (S1 or S2 as per the selected options)
  • 6x Injector connections
  • 2x Knock sensor connectors
  • MAFS connectors (Note OEM MAFS option includes both S1 and S2 connectors)
  • 2x TPS connectors (The harness includes the S1, S2 and Q45-S1 connectors)
  • Boost solenoid wiring with OEM connector
  • VTC connector
  • Cam sensor connector
  • Crank sensor connector
  • Idle air and fast idle connections
  • OEM Oxygen sensor connectors (wideband wiring is not part of the EFI harness, except AEM Infinity 6/8)
  • 2x ground ring terminal
  • Air regulator connector (under intake manifold location)
  • ECT sensor connector and cluster coolant temp switch connector
  • Reverse lights sensor connector
  • Speed sensor connector
  • Alternator connector
  • Starter signal connector
  • OEM oil pressure 2-pin connector (only 2-pin version supplied)
  • Nissan ECU Diagnostics mode connector
  • Dash and fuse box connections through the Interface harness
  • Printable install instructions with pictures
  • Turn Key ENGINE START Guarantee

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