Project Leopard – Oil Relocation set up complete

I knew right away that I would want to have an oil relocation set up. I felt it just would be easier for me and it looks cool!

I was going to buy a full kit, but eventually started piecing it together. During the pandemic, things were getting weird with shipping and parts availability. One item I thought was cool was the Taark’s oil block (which goes onto the engine block). This also reinforced me to piece together stuff.

One of my friends in Japan sent me his old Trust Oil cooler. The good thing is that this oil cooler also came with lines

I held off getting the rest of the system until I was further along in the build. When that time came, I was searching Greddy’s website and saw that Greddy and Taark’s collaborated on the oil block! So I picked that up.

That left getting the filter housing and the hoses from the filter to the oil block.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is received_768382247970772-1024x769.jpeg

Thrice Engineering made a bracket for the oil filter relocation plate.

I had the Trust Oil cooler and the lines with me, so I flushed them out and sent them to Hung. Thrice Engineering also made the bracket for the Oil cooler as well.

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