Project Leopard – Power Steering pump P.1

Power Steering pump and components

One of the “benefits” that would have happened if I stayed with Marco/SR20store was the amount of stuff he can put on the motor since there were spare parts everywhere. Marco tested a power steering pump and even told me that I need to order the upper bracket (adjustment bracket). Well, when I left him, he didn’t include that power steering pump or the bracket I bought. In which he probably used for his other project. I should have made sure when I grabbed everything, but it happened so fast and there was so many boxes, I didn’t realize he kept some stuff. Seems like with everything related to Project Leopard, I have had to piece together. Engine I had to piece together and recently transmission too. In a way, it’s okay because I get to “make things new-ish”.

PS Pump

I didn’t think finding a pump would be a big deal, but the prices were! People wanted $400-$500. Not only that, finding the right bracket was also an issue, which I didn’t think it would be.

I found one that came off an HCR32. Part number 49110 70T00. I don’t believe this is a HICAS pump, but just incase, this info right here will help.

HICAS plug

This doesn’t appear to be a HICAS one. I was wondering if I could cross reference the number, but I haven’t been able to confirm anything.

After looking up the part number, I found out that Amayama put the engines at the bottom. On some forums, many said that pumps are the same across the RB25s, but the bracket that mounts to the engine is what can be different.

PS Bracket

A quick search on Ebay and on FB marketplace and everyone wanted $400-$500. Additionally, RB26dett brackets are available, but nothing says they were compatible with RB25s. My reference has been this one on JDM Miami’s page because this was for an RB25det and the part number is 11940-75T01.

It’s been interesting and I had to do a deep dive on this bracket as there seems to be a few variants. It appears that the RB20det would be different and R33/R34 GTRs (RB26dett) are different than the RB25det. Moreover, Nengun and Amayama had different parts numbers relating to these engines. Also let me mention that some of these brackets didn’t have parts numbers as well!

I could easily get a GTR one, but it seems there are differences as many sites have different parts numbers, but also mentioning what motor it will specifically work on.

I keep trying to compare to the JDM Miami pictures and while it seems to be the same, I don’t want to waste money guessing.

Hmm… The part number I had seems to the same for various engines. Okay, I’m good.


Since it feels like I am out of options, what I did was searched YAJ for an RB25 bracket. One popped up and it was pulled of an RB25 from a Stagea. Not only that, it comes with the adjustment bracket and bolt.

While I did order one before (which was kept by Marco), I ordered it again and was told that there is a back order and it’s been back ordered for 15 months!

  • Adjustment bracket – M-11941-42L00
  • Adjustment bracket bolt -M-11942-42L00

I initially agreed, but with it being back ordered for 15 months already and it looks like there is no definitive date, so I tried to cancel, but they seem to not like that and tell me, “You agreed to wait”. I said I don’t mind waiting, but I don’t want to wait 15 months. So they agreed to refund it within 6 months if it doesn’t show up.

I’m kind of excited because this will give me an opportunity to clean it up. Since I got both brackets, I can clean them up really good and paint them (nothing fancy). The adjustment bolt will be new, so that will have a nice look to it.

The bolt to hold the alternator and the 3 that mounts to the engine, I will get from Raw Brokerage/Nubis

No matter what PS pump I got (most likely used) I was going to rebuild it and clean it up. It’s truly hard to say what needs to be rebuilt on it and I might take it to a shop to do it. If not, I will get this kit and hope it works out.

I also noticed I am missing the banjo bolt and as I am looking on line, I feel that I am hitting dead ends again with the part number. Going back to this diagam.

I’ve been looking for a way to get a light weight PS pulley, but haven’t found anything. P2M was suppose to be the replacement, but Marco said they didn’t fit and returned them.

Originally, I ordered Chase Bays’ Power Steering upgrade with an oil cooler, but it took months and when I decided to cancel because some of the pieces were backordered. There was no indication when I bought it was and I don’t fault them, but I had a lot going on with the car and thought it was gonna be done soon enough.

This is the plan for now..

Part 2 soon…

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