Project Leopard – Koyo Radiator, bracket and Kameari Engineering radiator cap

While talking with Ultra Heaven back when my car was in AZ, we discussed what radiator to use as I was unsure. He said he was going to run an S13 LS V8 Koyorad. I wanted to use Koyo over anything else, so I asked him if he could order me one.

Ultra Heaven was also able to test fit the radiator and take measurements for making a bracket.

I never got the bracket from him and I had the radiator sent to the SR20store (thinking that my car was getting close to getting done… uugghhh).

Hung and Thrice Engineering wanted to get everything into place, so they came up with a bracket and set it up.

While I still need to get the hoses, when I was in Japan, i also got a radiator cap!

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