Phase 2 Motortrend failure

One of the main constructs for Project Leopard was to use OG companies and that included the ones that help build the car initially. This was P2M (Phase 2). If you read the magazine, they contributed a lot. My narrative would have been using their parts to rebuild the car. I found out that Marco uses P2M all the time as they are friends and partners when it comes to building cars.

One of the biggest motivators for me was that they had a lot of anodized blue parts. When I decided to go with Tomei’s MX8265 turbo, the biggest part that stuck out was the blue wastegate actuator.

That set me on a path to try and keep a blue themed engine bay.

Unfortunately, thoughout the last couple of years of the build, everything never seemed to line up and it didn’t work out.

  • Blue adjustable cam gears – didn’t work out. They didn’t work with my Tomei poncams
  • Pulley set was never gotten or Marco said it didn’t fit.
  • Fuel rail is a 2 part deal. I conversed with P2M about the fuel rail. They wanted to make sure it fit the Greddy intake manifold, so they were suppose to give it to Marco. Unfortunately, Marco never picked it up. The other half was trying to keep the fuel injectors at the 550cc or 740/750cc (which are side feed) and during this time P2M was always out of them.

I was originally upset about these failed attempts, but in the end, I moved on. I never asked for a free hand out or hook up, but wanted people to see I was trying to support their company when there are a ton of other companies doing the same thing.

Before I could get some other cam gear, Marco had already put the OEM ones on the engine. The same with the pulleys. After the run around with the fuel rail and injectors, I just decided to do what every one was now doing. Get the superior product and bigger injectors. I decided to go with a Radium fuel rail and Bosch 1000cc injectors. This converted my fuel system to a top feed and honestly, I couldn’t be more happier.

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