Diplomat - The waiting game rant

I’ve got to put this rant out there.  One of the most frustrating things is when you get the runaround and excuses.

Now I understand logistic issues and even with the COVID19 pandemic.

When my friend secured the Diana kit in March 2020, I wanted it to get to the US as soon as possible. I had 2 options. Wolfreign Motors in Oakland and GetJPN in Pomona. 

Prior experience:

  1. Wolfreign motors took 7 months to get my zenki front end. 
  2. Get JPN was on point and I got my stuff in 2 months. 

I decided to call Wolfreign Motors to see when their next container was leaving and they said September cut off with November 2020 arrival. I decided to chance it. I paid $500 for domestic shipping and had it their partner shop loaded up. My friend that held the stuff also verified it was received. 

I call again in September and they said, “leaving end of this week”. 

I wait until November/ December (2020) with no notifications.. so I called again, and they told me they don’t know when the container is going to leave or arrive because of COVID19. 

All that time.. I was thinking my stuff was going to arrive.

Pissed off, I just waited until I saw on Instagram that Wolfreign Motors just got a couple of JDM vehicles from Japan (Feb 2021). I called to follow up and was told that the container is a week out, it will arrive and soon. 

I was hyped. I call back to ask if I can pick up my stuff and then I get some UPSETTING NEWS.

I am told that the container was held up in China for no reason and there is a new date for arrival, 3/28/21.

Then he said, “did you get the email?” I told him, I have never gotten an email AND no replies after I paid through Paypal for verification (which I just did just to see if they would respond). 

 As of 3/12/21 – I am waiting to see if that is truly the date.