Project Leopard: RB25det Rocker cover plan

I decided to upgrade the rocker covers on the RB25det. I want to relocate the breather ports and use an upgraded fitting.

While it would be cool to have the ‘finned’ covers, just like everything for the RB25det, it has become highly sought and maybe too pricey. Possibly down the line, I will try and get a set. 

Before getting the valve covers painted, I decided to go with the relocating the breather ports. Relocating them to the back like the RB26 covers makes it look really clean. 


One thing I do want to do is add oil splash guards. 

Boost Doc sells them for $75 a pair


Since it’s about modifying the valve covers, mind as well put in swivel fittings and relocate them for a cleaner look. 

Then paint it all. I plan to do black with some kind of metal flake.