I underestimated how much goes into piecing an engine together. I thought many parts would be available and at decent prices. 

Bolts for the RB25det is both interesting and annoying. I found this out as everything I had to do, I needed to get updated hardware. While I’m sure I did not get everything, I wanted to put a list out together for reference.


ARP Head studs part number 202-4301



ARP main stud kit part number 202-5403

ARP rod bolts part number 202-6007

ARP tensioner stud kit

Installation note:

  • *Use blue lock tight on all threads
  • *Use the supplied washer for the idler pulley
  • *Only use the OEM wave washer on the tensioner pulley
  • *Torque to 45 ft-lb
  • This replaces OEM part #s 08041-0701 08041-0701A and 13073-V5001

ARP flywheel bolt kit

ARP 102-2801 

ARP Pressure plate bolt kit

  • ARP 102-2201

Nubis oil pickup bolt kit

Nubis Oil pan bolt kit

Greddy Intake manifold bolt kit 

  • Boostfactory CA 

Nubis Exhaust manifold stud kit


Nubis Water pump bolt kit

Nubis Oil pump bolt kit

Nubis Rear main seal bolt kit

Eric Performance Parts – Bellhousing bolt kit

Upper timing cover backing plate. 

Ordered from Australia, but here are the specs:

  • 01 x Genuine Nissan bolt
  • 01 x Genuine Nissan washer
  • 01 x Genuine Nissan grommet
  • 03 x Genuine Nissan bolt
  • 03 x Genuine Nissan washer
  • 03 x Genuine Nissan grommet

These are for the upper timing cover. I ordered these through Z1. I do have a feeling the SR20store has kept these too. 

Z1 Spec bolt kit

I believe the OEM Nissan bolt is : 13504-58S00

Lower timing cover bolts

OEM Nissan shoulder bolt x3

  • 13505-D010B

Crank shaft pulley bolt and washer.


  • 2309-42L00
  • 2308-42L00

Nubis Engine mount bolt kit