Project Leopard - VCT cylinder head drain kit upgrade

One of the hang ups for 8 months was a VCT drain. 

At some point, Marco gave up on my project and would ask me to order stuff that he could get through his resources. 

I could get stuff, I ordered it because I didn’t want excuses or delays on my behalf. 

He asked me about the drain, but it wasn’t clear that he wanted the bottom fitting. The pictures he would send were just of the pipe. 

These parts ARE discontinued… so I was trying to find options. Marco would say, “let me check” and that would lead to nothing. 

I eventually got my motor and I thought everything with it as he gave me plenty of boxes. 

I was mainly concerned with the coilpacks and fuel rail since those were about $1000 each.. but neglected to look for the stuff he was working on, VCT drain and power steering.. which both were not included in those boxes.

It was okay anyone as I wanted to get an upgraded one. 

Rival Autoworks upgraded to a kit that was brand new with AN fittings.

  • Billet Aluminum Oil drain flange for cylinder head with gasket and hardware.

  •  Block oil drain 10AN Male fitting.

  •  10AN Black Nylon & Stainless Steel braided hose with two 90 degree black hose ends. Hose is equipped with Fire protective sleeve to prevent failure due to heat.

  • (Comes 100% assembled and ready to install)