Project Leopard - Trunk carpet and lining

Every time I see Project Leopard, I find something I need to address. Broken or missing part is a common factor… but since this is a build from the ground up… it is expected. 

When Project Leopard came into my possession, the trunk had all boxes of parts. I failed to realize that the trunk’s carpet and lining were gone! 

I didn’t realize how much of it was gone until my trip to Arizona. 

Also noted was the fuel wiring cover. If I had known, I would have grabbed these from a previous M30 that was trashed. 

So when I came across this M30 in the San Jose Pick n Pull, a lot of the car was trashed.. but most of the trunk parts were available!!! So I grabbed them and also the wiring cover. 

The carpet was pretty filthy… so I sprayed it a few times and got it all cleaned up. I then let it soaked all night with dishwasher soap before a final wash off. 

Conclusion – finally one more step to having this section of the car taken cared of. I never really thought about this stuff until I saw how bare Project Leopard is.