Project Leopard - Tomei Poncams, Fuel Pressure Regulator and adapter

One of the components I have been kind of battling with was camshafts. Since I wasn’t going to go big power, I just thought my normal cams would do enough. 

If there was ever a time to put something into the new engine… it is now the time. 

My engine hasn’t been touched in a bit, so as it was incomplete, I decided to get the Poncams. If it had already been completed, I would be a different story. 

I was also reading the original build in the magazine and I know I would need a fuel pressure regulator. The Nismo one was long gone. 

The other piece they used was the AFR adapter. Since everything was Tomei, I figured just get it all from them. 

This has kinda brought back some excitement!!!

Finally got these on the RB25det. I was definitely concerned with the Poncams as I’ve heard some people having issues with snapping, but if that happens, it will give me an opportunity to get Kelford Cams in the future.