Project Leopard - Sakura Garage pt 1

It’s been almost a year since Project Leopard left the SR20 Store in 2020.

My plan was to go there in October of 2020, but that is when my father passed and instead of being in Arizona, I stayed in Washington for 3 weeks and the subsequent holidays. 

One of the positives for Project Leopard, I was able to get the radiator support from a convertible up there. The final piece of getting the front end components to replace all the tweaked parts.  I also brought the vert wing and the running board I cut a few months back. 

I had a game plan, but what took forever was that Greg said we should clean out the engine bay. Removing every component we could and the main thing, the wiring harness. That took more time that I thought it would. After the engine bay was cleaned up, we started to spray it down.


I honestly wasn’t expecting to go this deep in the engine bay, but it only made sense to do so. Since the engine bay was going to be painted, I figure it would be easier. 

This actually let me realize that while everything is out, I had to look at everything to see what needed to be replace. A lot of the plastic there was brittle and hoses were hard!

So it was really great to get this done and clean as much as possible. 

While Greg and I were working on the engine bay, Chuck started to remove the window trim.

Lastly, Chuck posted these the other day. They drilled out the front radiator support and started to clean it up.