Project Leopard return to LA: Start putting it together

I needed  movement on the car. It has been in Arizona for 16 months and it looked like it was progressing slow. I decided to set a deadline for the end of September.  There was a promise of getting it done.. but 2 failed attempts to get the car in LA.  Finally, it arrived. Wasn’t completed as the hood and aero were left in AZ (and aero unpainted).  Clear had drips, but it hasn’t been cut and buffed yet. Additionally, it appears some dents weren’t taken cared of. The running board that was damaged, wasn’t addressed as well. 

BUT… it isn’t stagnant as it has been for the last 16 months.  Greg said he wanted to take the car once we get everything back together. 

Again, gotta take the good with the bad unfortunately. 

After Greg dropped it off, we started to piece together the car. Hung put on one of the Enkei wheels in the back so we can see what size spacer was required. 

I started looking at my boxes to see what I needed to take out and install. 

Greg and Hung started working on putting in the window on the passenger side door. I also started putting in the linkages for the door handles. 

Then we cleaned the interior a bit. Hung and I took turns Simple Greening and rubbing everything, then Hung pulled out the vacuum. 

The rear trunk also needed to be addressed. Hung flushed out the driver side rear wheel well. After things dried in both rear wheel wells, Hung applied some rust inhibitor. After all that was done and we cleaned up the trunk a bit. We spray painted it. 

Once we were satisfied with that, we just started to put in the carpet and the rear seats. 

Game plan

The next day, we did some clean up and figuring things out. 

  • Hung said that he will go through the wiring harness. He also said he can go through the suspension and let me know what I need to replace. 
  • I then called Marco (SR20 store) and told him the car is back in LA. The next major step would be getting the RB25det completed. He reiterated that it will only take 2-3 days to get the motor together, but he has a couple projects before he can get to my car. 
  • Bucky finally gave me an update on the digital cluster. He got it going made a wiring harness for it to match the M30’s.