Project Leopard - R35 coilpacks, harness and bracket

I knew I would eventually have to get coilpacks. It seemed that it was going to be an expensive venture regardless. 

I initially started by keeping it simple. OEM coil packs. 

After some research, you would come across people saying how they upgraded to Yellow Jackets coils. 

Then posts were about people that were upgrading to Yaris or A8 coil packs… 

I wouldn’t have gone down the expensive path if it wasn’t for my buddy Denny (who had an A31 with RB25det) mentioned that it was a weak point, so he upgraded. 

I also did some deep research and found that Wiring Specialties offered a full kit for $1000, so I decided to roll with it. 

This kit came was with PRP’s bracket (which I was able to choose blue), Hitachi R35 coils and I also got a 5 point grounding harness.