Project Leopard - Interior gutted - Feb 2020

It’s February 2020, it’s been a couple months since I was in LA when Project Leopard arrived at the SR20 Store. 

I just got back from Japan and had all the interior pieces waiting. My initial plan was to bring the interior up to the Bay area and have it done here. I still wasn’t 100% sure how the direction would be. 

My fellow M30 brother Roger V. showed up and we started to take the interior apart. While I was taking my time doing the dash, Roger V. was going through the rest of the car with speed!


After the seats and panels were removed. We focused on the dash and then the carpet. 

The car definitely needs an interior cleaning and maybe a refresh. It is kind of amazing as I’ve never seen one this like this. 

As I was loading my van with all the parts, my wife suggested I leave the dashboard and ask if Marco knew someone. He said he would ask around. But I would take most of the stuff with me to the bay area.

Definitely wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for my brother Roger V.  He really put in the work with helping me gut the interior.