Project Leopard Interior Direction Change

So as I was thinking about the door cards, something popped up in my head. I remember Chris P. posted that he installed R31 door cards. I was intrigued and I had to look at his pictures. 

That is when I committed to changing the interior. I loved how the R31 door card looks. The color is black/dark grey. That means the interior had to change. The picture shows grey interior with the R31 door card. 

I immediately bought this set on YAJ. I love how it looks and of course, I’ll have to change the door switch from the right side to the left side. 

Now that I have the basic idea of what to go for, I decided to go with the dash and back seats to be close in color.

While the dash and the back seats can be made the same color, that would leave the rest of the interior. 

I tried to see if I could buy new carpet, even a generic one that could be close to form fitting. There wasn’t anything as I expected.

Not too long afterwards, a grey M30 was at the PnP. If this had the grey interior, I would have to get as much of the interior as possible. 

When I got there, my heart pounded. It had everything I needed!!! Remembering what I did a month prior, I removed the front seats, center arm rest and started to go after the rear seats. Then I got the side panels, seat belts and rear quarter panel trim.


Then the pandemic hit and everyone was on lock down. I thought the junkyards were closed, so I didn’t go back to the M30 to get stuff. I found out that my friend went to the junkyard and he grabbed the carpet. 

The headliner, carpet and sun visors were dirty. I decided to have these cleaned professionally by a local detail shop. While they did clean it up, I spent a couple more hours putting in more clean up as I was disappointed in their work. I still was able to clean up quite a bit more with resolve. 

Additionally, I cleaned up the unexposed part of the headliner as it looks like mold was former (dark spots). The headliner is probably exposed to moisture becaues of it being near the sunroof and drain.

I took some bleach and spent an hour cleaning up every black spot with a toothbrush. I wanted to make sure I did a thorough job on cleaning it up. 

Conclusion – 

Everything started to sort itself out. Instead of redoing the brown/tan, I get to have my black/grey setup which is what I really wanted.. it only make sense if you have all the parts you need. Now I have a general theme to build from.