Project Leopard - Grounding

One of the lessons I learned from the VG30E was grounding is important. Hung found ground that was attached to his VG head and it was the cause for all his issues. 

Starting with a fresh build, I was thinking of getting some kind of grounding kit. I had one on my EK civic back in the days, but it was more for looks. I thought about getting an HKS kit (purple). I quickly looked on Youtube and there were a ton of vidoes of “the big 3”. The big 3 are the parts that need to be grounded. Then the big 3 turned into the big 5. 

When I was ordering off Wiring Specialties, I decided to get their 5 point ground it. It was black and well made. As much as I wanted to get Pivot or HKS, but it seems most places used knock off Chinese made stuff and I wanted to avoid that. Plus the black color would make it look clean. 

Product Description

The Wiring Specialties Grounding Kit is used to tie all grounding points in your engine bay together for improved performance.  

The main section is 6 gauge and the branches are 10 gauge. Can be installed in many different positions for maximum flexibility.

Can be used on any engine with or without our PRO Engine Harness.

Looks great in the engine bay too!

Grounding Kit Features:

  • Brand new – Installs in 5 minutes
  • Hiltec flame resistant looming
  • High Temp wire
  • Oil Resistant
  • OEM Grade Ring-Terminals (no cheap aftermarket terminals that fall apart)
  • Huge improvement over OEM ground wiring
  • Flexible Install Options – can be routed multiple ways to ground 5 individual locations:
    • Head
    • Block
    • Battery Tray
    • Alternator
    • Sheet Metal

I decided to add 2 more pieces to this equation.

These 2 components are honestly just my tribute to Pivot, one of my favorite companies that I used to sport on my Civics. 

Pivot’s VCAPA and Raizin voltage stablizers. Honestly, these might not make a difference, but again, this is my car trying to be era correct and have these parts that people have forgot.