Greddy Intake Manifold and Boost Doc water inlet

A key component to the original build was the Greddy intake manifold. 

When Cameron replaced the RB25, he took off the Greddy intake manifold and installed it on his new engine.

The Greddy intake manifold for the RB25det is no cheap piece. It did cross my mind to find a “cheaper” cost, but not a cheaply made version. I didn’t like what I saw out there. When Marco and I were talking about it, he said that he would only use the Greddy and not “Freddy”. I didn’t know what he meant, but he meant the cheap knockoffs. He mentioned a customer that is dealing with a Freddy manifold and has multiple issues. So I’m taking no chance and will only go with a Greddy.

I was able to source a used one and had it sent to the SR20store for inspection. It was verified to be an authentic Greddy intake manifold. 

Marco inspected the whole intake manifold for damage or cracks. I would have send it back if it was. 

The only thing he found that was damaged was the water inlet. 

I found Boost Doc on the FB pages and he sells these inserts. I ordered one all the way from Australia. 

Currently, it is waiting to be taken apart and polished by the machine shop.