Project Leopard - Intake manifold

During the magainze build, a Greddy Intake manifold was used in replace of the OEM one. 

When I got Project Leopard, this was one of the components that was missing. 

I thought about getting a cheap one on Ebay, but Marco said No cheap parts. So I found an Authenic Greddy, but it had a damaged inlet insert. 

After I got the insert from Boost Doc (Australia), the Greddy manifold sat for over 1yr. Marco said he was going to have it cleaned up and I kept seeing it untouched. 

Finally, he took it to his machine shop and had them clean it up. I don’t know why, but they didn’t put in the insert. 

Once the engine started to get put together, I had to order a few things. 

  1. Ordered a Greddy intake manifold bolt kit from Boostfactory (Canada)
  2. Cometic Intake manifold gasket