Project Leopard - ATI Damper for RB25det

During my original RB25det build list, I was thinking of an damper. Ross Performance and ATI came to mind. During the pandemic, international shipping hit everyone, so I didn’t pursue a Ross piece. I then looked at ATI. They didn’t have one at the time.

ATI doesn’t officially make an RB25det damper. They do make one for the RB26dett. A shop called Eric’s Performance Parts offers a modified RB26 damper. 

ATI and EPP work closely together for this part from what it is described (EPP is an authorized dealer.

Official part number is DPR-RB25-R33

Recently I stopped by the SR20 store and Marco mentioned that I should get an Damper because the one I have wasn’t in good condition. This gave me a perfect opportunity to get the ATI Damper. 

Personally, I am happy to have the ATI damper. It does look good and is an update that the RB25det needed.