Project Leopard - ARP timing tensioner kit

When I started to buy everything for the RB25det, I was thinking a lot about this kit. I knew I was going to get a new timing and idler.

Only place I found it to be was on They broke down what they did. For some reason, I just waited on ordering. I think it was because the engine needed to get built up to that point. About a year later, Marco tells me I need the bolt kit for the timing tensioner. So I ordered the kit. 


This is our upgrade option when replacing the OEM timing belt tensioner bolt & stud on your RB engine. ARP does not sell a direct solution so we buy each piece individually and modify the stud to match the OEM fitment before sending out. This is a completely bolt on kit with no cutting required to fit under the lower timing cover.

Installation note:

*Use blue lock tight on all threads

*Use the supplied washer for the idler pulley

*Only use the OEM wave washer on the tensioner pulley

*Torque to 45 ft-lb

This replaces OEM part #s 08041-0701 08041-0701A and 13073-V5001

Fits all rb20 rb25 & rb26 engines that use the part #s above

ARP Description 8740 CHROME MOLY:

Until the development of today’s modern alloys, chrome moly was popularly considered a high strength material. Now viewed as only moderate strength, 8740 chrome moly is seen as a good tough steel, with adequate fatigue properties for most racing applications, but only if the threads are rolled after heat-treatment, as is the standard ARP production practice. Typically, chrome moly is classified as a quench and temper steel, that can be heat-treated to deliver tensile strengths between 180,000 and 210,000 psi.