Project Leopard - Fuel system upgrades part 1

The Fueling system was one of the areas I wasn’t to familiar with. I was just going to keep it simple and have mildly upgraded, side feed injectors (OEM). 

I was trying to have a blue engine bay theme, but it seems that many of the blue parts I wanted to use aren’t working and haven’t been put on. Example was the P2M Cam Gears (they didn’t work with my Tomei Poncams).  I’ve also told Marco to get the P2M blue pulley set.. which he never got. 

P2M said they wanted to make sure the fuel rail would fit the Greddy intake manifold. They wanted to have Marco test it. Marco never picked it up or tested. Additionally, trying to keep the fueling mild with 550cc or 750cc was the goal. Unfortunately, P2M were out of both injectors…

I got frustrated and I stomached getting a more expensive fuel rail, (Radium) and some Bosch 1000cc top feed fuel injectors. 

The Radium fuel rail (PN:20-0277) is from Real St. The Bosch injectors are from Performance Fuel Injection in Canada.

The fueling parts sat in a pile of parts for my RB25det for most of 2022. I had taken the engine from the SR20store and over to A’pexi/Rival Autoworks. 

There Rival Autoworks installed my engine, but also said I needed to get a few more parts. 

Radium Fuel Pulse Damper, direct mount (20-0776 FDP-R) plus the ORB fittings. Each end of the fuel rail there is also Earls 6an 5/16 90 and 8an ORB to 6an adapters. 



The other parts of the fuel system are:

Tomei Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulator (Type S) and the original Walbro 255 LPH.

Jason said I didn’t need the swivel adapter.


The fuel pump is one of the pieces I want to upgrade or at least refresh. Currently it is a 255 LHP and the original one from 2009. 

I will have to do more fuel sensory stuff because I have a digital gauge cluster, so I felt these pictures will help. 


One of the pieces I needed to do for the Zenki digital cluster was to have a Fuel Spiyda analog to digital transformer and of course the harness from the zenki F31.

I plan to use Vibrant fuel lines and I know I need to get a fuel filter as well. I will probably have the fuel filter within the engine bay.