Project Leopard - Fuel system upgrades part 1

One of the last things I kind of have been holding off is the fuel system. 

Originally, I was trying to have a blue theme, but it seems that many of the blue parts I wanted to use aren’t working and haven’t been put on. Example was the P2M Cam Gears (they didn’t work with my Tomei Poncams).  I’ve also told Marco to get the P2M blue pulley set.. which I don’t think he did by looking at the pictures. 

Back to the Fuel rail, I was planning to go with a P2M blue fuel rail, but I wanted to do top feed injectors… and these would only have side feed only. 

So I stomached getting a more expensive fuel rail, (Radium) and some Bosch 1000cc top feed fuel injectors. 


The Radium fuel rail (PN:20-0277) is from Real St. The Bosch injectors are from Performance Fuel Injection in Canada.

The other parts of the fuel system are:

Tomei Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulator (Type S) and the original Walbro 255 LPH.

The fuel pump is one of the pieces I want to upgrade or at least refresh. Currently it is a 255 LHP and the original one from 2009. 

I will have to do more fuel sensory stuff because I have a digital gauge cluster, so I felt these pictures will help.