Project Leopard - Engine mounting

When I got the RB25det, it was in pieces. For some reason, I thought “most of it” was there. Now that we are in the home stretch of the build, it’s finding the small stuff and sometimes the small stuff is back ordered or out of stock or delayed due to pandemic. I should have really dug deep when I first got the car and now I know better. A lot more items were missing, more than I expected. 

One of those items I didn’t realize was the engine mounts and engine mount brackets. Jon told me everything was pretty much there, but also got the car in parts. 


Marco noticed the block didn’t have the mounting brackets or the mounts/isolators themselves.

Marco has a set of Syko Performance mounts (which he also lost), but said I still need to get the RB25det engine mounting brackets. I sent him a picture, but he said aluminum ones (which I haven’t found), but when I check the Project Car magazine, they used the same ones. 

I jumped on them as I wasn’t seeing many RB25det mounts. Brand new ones would be 3x the price. This also gives me a chance to clean these up and even strengthen if needed. 

Initially, I wanted to use Syko Mounts. They would complete the project and Marco was heavily pushing them.

UPDATED: I left the SR20store in 7/2022 because of lack of progress. I decided not to wait for Syko mounts.

When my engine was completed by Rival Autoworks, I was supplied with some Isolators that were in way better condition than the ones that came with the bracket

Update 9/2022

One of the projects I wanted to do was clean up some of the stuff I had. This included the engine mount brackets. 

I sanded them down and primered them. I then used some leftover Metallic Grey paint and clear coat to clean get the looking really nice. 

RB25det engine brackets prep and paint

I also noticed I didn’t have the hardware to put on the brackets, so I ordered some Nubis ones. 



Conclusion on this part of the engine!!! Do those brackets and hardware look good!

We mounted the engine and it was good!