Project Leopard - Boost Doc Water fitting

When the RB25det was finally getting worked on, Marco hit stump. He said the water inlet pipe is eroded. This common of this piece. He said it could still be used, but if we can get a new one, we should. I looked at first and I didn’t find one. So I said, let’s use this one.

After months of motor inactivity, Marco started to work on the engine again, he requested we replace that water pipe. I immediately didn’t find one, but a lot of the RB owner’s FB page sent me the right direction. Also, someone tagged Aaron of Boost Doc. He makes great products and I want to buy more stuff, but the focus right now was getting the car together. Aaron contacted me and offered me a good deal. I believe he is the only one that makes an upgrade and so I was happy to get this part!

I have to do my due diligence to Aaron at Boost Doc! He makes his own products and this is the 2nd item I have gotten from him that was a better upgrade!