Assessment of Project Leopard's Interior

Like most M30s, the interior was in rough condition. This was a drift missile, so the abuse and neglected didn’t just show on the outside, it also showed on the inside. 

The interior of this M30 was Brown/Tan.

The driver’s side door didn’t open easily because the door card was getting hung up. After opening the door, it was easy to see why.

Bottom of the door card looked chewed up.

The rest of the door card was equally rough. Just by looking at the condition, I am thinking possibly some kind of pet made those marks. 

Inner door handle insert, bezel, window and lock controls were all missing as well (later found in a parts box). I would rather replace this car than fix it. 

The passenger side door car was also missing those same pieces (was also in the parts box). 

The condition wasn’t as bad as the driver’s side, but it still needed to be cleaned up. The car was loose as it looked someone was trying fix the door handle from the inside. 


Typical dashboard delination/warping, but also a crack. So that needs to get fixed. 

This will be the first time I will get a dash professionally done. Most people just cover up. 

Besides the rough condition, there were missing and broken components throughout the interior. 

  • Dash side vent was broken
  • Knee panel vent missing
  • ECU mounting and cover missing.
  • Vanity mirror broke
  • Lower center console compartment missing
  • Typical passenger side vent broken
  • All door pieces missing
  • top part of the back seat missing.



While I do have some of these parts that were saved from various M30s… I don’t have a few others. I even have the top half of a back seat to match this bottom one.

The one thing I will probably have to get redone is definitely the dashboard.