Project Leopard - Armrest/console and R31 shift bezel

In 2019, my big boxes arrived from Japan. This contained the Zenki front end parts. Itabashi-san sent me some additional used parts. One of them I was happy to get was the Zenki Leopard center console, which also is the same in the R31 skyline (there are a couple variants). 

What is really cool when they converted the car to 5 speed/ manual transmission, they got an R31 shift bezel and boot. 

As the rest of the car was… it wasn’t kept up. While there aren’t any cracks on the bezel (thank God), the leather boot was peeling and worn.  I would have reused this boot, but I felt I needed to have something nice. 


Instagram is full of small businesses that are involved in the automotive aftermarket sector. While I am going for era correct, I don’t mind updating as long as it serves a purpose and is of quality. 

I came across a company called, “Shift Royal” and I the price was pretty good for a Koi shift boot and e-brake boot. 

I decided to swap it out and see now it looked. It also gave me an opportunity to mock up everything. 

I came across this custom shift knob on YAJ. I felt it would tie in with the Koi fish shift boots. 

I love these resin castings with cool designs. This one caught my eye because it uses silver and “gold” fish. 

Its pretty cool because these 2 components actually go together! The center console has to be “converted to left hand side”. 

Add some old school JDM Auto Fizz coin holder and some other small plug in stuff and I feel it’s good to go.