Project Leopard - Fuel upgrades

One area I really don’t want to play around with is the fueling system. I’ve seen too many people not pay enough attention and at times, car catches on fire. 

So I decided to update/upgrade some of the engine bay components. 

NO CHEAP STUFF…. don’t want any INFERIOR fuel product… that’s a huge safety issue.

Here is that list:

After cleaning up the engine bay, I started to make mental notes. My intentions has always been to upgrade the fuel lines because it’s all old stuff anyways. 

After seeing Chase Bays stuff, I was quite impressed.

Obviously, I am also basing everything on the 240sx with an RB25det, which is pretty much the same layout. 

Chase Bays 240sx with RB25det fuel line kit is $250.

The only thing I’m having issue with is the FPR is mounted on the chassis, when originally it’s mounted near the fuel rail. 

Those parts will connect to the Phase2 Motortrend fuel rail (which is attached to a Greddy Intake manifold)

The injectors will be side mounted.